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What did you do to your 7.3 Today?

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Well I know the 6.4 guys have a thread like this but I've never seen one for us 7.3 guys, so I figured I would start one.

So like the title says what did you do to you 7.3 today? Maintenance, performance, washed the windows, whatever.

I tested the coolant and found that it was in need of a DCA additive in the coolant. So I went to the truck stop and got a pint of DCA and a 5" band clamp. Put about half the pint in the resivor and I'll see if its any better tomorow. As far as the band clamp goes, I finally got around to fixing my tip that was held on with 3 tack welds and got a good clean clamp on it.

So what did yall do?
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I bought one. We went to look at an obs crew cab 5 speed. It turned out to be a rust bucket with too many issues and dealer wouldn't deal.
On the way home we saw one for sale and stopped to check it out. Turned out to be a 2000 F350 dually 6 speed supercab LB with 161K. Zero blow by and it settled right in after a pretty cold start, it was about 32 degs. today and it was sitting for sale for awhile. This thing is immaculate! 6 new Goodrich TAs, new shocks, new batts, new bed with liner. He painted the frame when he had the box off. Truck is completely stock never chipped. Older guy had it as a dd and part time work truck, power washing business. He needed a crew cab automatic for his business that his employees could drive.
Bottom line, made him a cash offer and now it's mine, er wife's unless I sell my 08 6.4 and get her a crew cab :)
I put some pics up tomorrow, it's sweet!
pulled banks ram air kit out and put 6637 in ..anybody need one ..sell it for 220.00 lol's prob trash LOL
What's a good cold air kit for these rigs, just got a 2000 F350 over the weekend. All stock, I want to start with cold air kit, exhaust, and tuner. Awesome truck but it's kind of a dog power wise compared to my 6.4. I'll probably post the same question in the performance parts forum but since you just changed yours I thought I'd get your opinion. Thanks

And no I don't want your Banks :wink: but what didn't you like about the Banks kit?
Walked past mine 4 times today sitting there while I walked to the mailbox @ the end of the driveway - weird though, no mail today.
Just saw your sig, I was in the Army the same years you were in the Navy. Back then with the "last" worst president ever it was a tough time to serve. When I was in Germany I was lucky if we could afford to go to the local guesthaus and get dinner & a few beers on payday. I almost stayed in, but when Iran happened and we didn't even go on alert, I figured h**l with it, I'm going home.:)

Oh well just like walking by your rig, this was kinda a whatever post. I just wanted say hi to someone who served back when they were trying to shrink the military & we had the worst economy since the great depression. Kind of just like now. LOL

Oh, I looked out the window this morning and saw mine sitting in the morning sun looking good
At the end of my time, I couldn't see staying in either. Loved serving my country, but I needed to support my family.
Amazing how Pres Carter uncapped our raise in the election year wasn't it? He said he was setting an example the first 3 yrs by capping it. I'm guessing a lot of service members voted for Reagan in 80
I was a helicopter Prop & Rotor mechanic on flight status, I loved my job and country too, but like you I got married toward the end and couldn't afford to stay in. (and mad about Iran) BTW my dad was Navy, USS Enterprise WWII but his brother was Army, MIA presumed KIA in Korea so I didn't know which branch to enlist in. Dad was just glad Nam was over by time I went in after losing his brother.

In Keeping with the thread, I got my title done today and got plates, then stopped at the car wash and gave her a good bath...Looking Good! :thumb:
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My "new" 2000 F350, it sure cleans up nice :)
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I'm the WINNER!!!!!!

Finished my up pipe's, I ended up leaving the driver side pipe off and leaving the passenger side loose, it took a few attempt's then all of a sudden the turbo and down pipe piece just went together. Then using 2 really long extension's with a swivel connection that I wrapped a piece of electrical tape so it wouldn't flop all over the place, then some grease too hold the bolt from falling out. Buttoned up the rest of the intake, and I'm amazed how much quieter the truck is in the cab, I can actually hear my stereo now, and the KC turbo wheel is perfect.

Thanks for all the tip's:thankyou2:
Glad you got her done. :thumb: At least the 7.3 has a "little" room to work back there. On my 6.4 it's possible to do that with the cab on, but it would be way easier with the cab jacked up a little or better yet pulling it all the way. Of course once you pull the cab on the 6.4 then you start thinking things like rockers, lifters, valve guides, seats, o'rings, studs, head gaskets, 6.0 manifolds and up pipes, oil cooler, etc, etc, etc.
Oh yeah, that's why I just bought my 7.3 lol, I needed a break from mods on my 6.4, so I got an all stock 7.3 so I can start all over :wink:
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I put a B&W hide a ball gooseneck hitch in/under the bed. And a set of Weathertech liners front & rear. My wallet is a little bit thinner :look:
hit 200k, so thought it would be time for a oil change and
fuel filter... along with getting my magnetic drain plug
Congratulations, you finally have it broke it. Gotta love the 7.3
Now show her some love :)
yup! still runs really good. only major issue right now is a small leak
on the back of the block drivers side. i have new pedestal o rings, new
hpop / lines / o rings, and the fuel bowl drain valve is new. so, got to
figure that out. it just creates an oil moisture, not leaking bad, but want
to get it repaired in any case.

...and have to change out the pinion seal, shade tree mechanic style, in
short order.

otherwise, it runs fantastic.
Just got my 7.3 a week ago tomorrow, totally stock right now. I love it but it doesn't have the power my 6.4 has. It also doesn't have the issues :wink:
haha, i feel ya on the lack of power. this one is miles better than
my 96 stroke, but way under from my 3rd gen cummins. i had it
turned up pretty good.

i miss that truck.
Ya those 3rd gen common rails hit 500 pretty easy lol
Yep but HP costs $$$ That's why we picked up this 7.3, It's in perfect condition all around. I just want to let it breath a little easier and get a mild tune in it and drive!!!
I just put a BPD oil cooler in the 6.4 and I have a bad feeling that head gaskets & studs are in her future. It pukes some once the boost goes over 30 :doh:
really didn't cost me that much, compared with what it would on
a powerstroke.

$400 for a smarty
$200 for a glacier diesel big line fuel kit.
$800 for a ceramic single disc clutch.
dyno'd @ 524 wheel, and almost 1200ftlbs
on 42lbs of boost.

i did have a boost tube for the intake, and a
full 5" exhaust, but i had the parts laying around
to make that...
That's not bad. but the usual rule is..if you want to play, you're going to pay. Whether you want to go fast, pull things, play in the mud, etc (in my case I like bass fishing..$$$, dsl trucks..$$$, guns...$$$, hobby farming...$$$) :wink:
Ordered my 4" Diamond Eye SS exhaust, Cold Air intake and Hydra from Corey today. May be getting the Edge Insight CTS2 also, waiting to hear back on that.
BTW: Thank you Corey, now I know why everyone says to check with you for mods. Only way I could be happier is when I get it all bolted on. :thankyou2:
I got my coolant at O'Reily's, it was a 'off-brand' but listed all the proper certs on the bottle. It was ~$16 a gallon for concentrate, so that's what I went with. I'd have to go find my receipt to check the name.
I know many would scoff at it not being a certain brand, but to me, as long as it passes the testing needed, I'll run it.

I also picked up an in-line ball valve for my garden hose. That way I could have the spigot turned on at the house, but control on/off & flow right at the truck. It connected to the end of the hose, and screwed on right to the flush kit 'T' fitting like the hose would.
If your spigot is right next to where you'll do your flush, probably not an issue, mine was 30' away on the backside of the house.

I went with something similar to this:
I used about 20 gallons of distilled water when I did mine. It was interesting & a mess. I picked my antifreeze from Napa because Oreilly's didn't have it.
I got Zerex ZXED ELC from Amazon for $82.34 Free S/H for a case of 6 gals concentrate when I switched my 6.4 to red. I used 4, now I can get 2 more and switch my 7.3 over
Thx for the reminder so far I got

Oem thermostat with gasket
Thermostat housing
Dual rad hose
10 gal distilled water

Where good place for deal on elc coolant? 2 years ago paid $14 a gallon for zerex elc concentrate now everyone wants $18-23 gallon lol
I got Zerex ZXED ELC from Amazon for $82.34 Free S/H for a case of 6 gals concentrate when I switched my 6.4 to red. I used 4, now I can get 2 more and switch my 7.3 over Zerex ZXED1-6PK Heavy Duty Extended Life Concentrate Antifreeze/Coolant - 1 Gallon, (Case of 6): Automotive
Justin I checked this link when I posted it. It works out to $13.72 a gal. Good deal if you don't mind getting 6 gals. Also I think I used more like 20 gals of distilled when I did 6.4 so I was sure to get all the gold out. But the 6.4 has the right side block plug behind the starter and it's a pita to get.

Are you putting a coolant filter on it? These don't have the small passage oil coolers that clog up like the 6.0 & 6.4, but I understand the sand causes other problems like water pumps.

The prior owner of my 7.3 just sent me almost $9k in service receipts going back to 2005 He just put a water pump in and coolant change a little over a year ago. I have some test strips ordered, soon as mine needs additive I'll switch it to the Zerex
Also to other responses, no coolant filter. Old friend bet me a super fancy dinner I couldn't wait one yeah without mods. The dinner would be about $300 when I include me/wife and friend/his wife lol. So in 11 months
For $300 I'd wait too, tell him you want to go to Ruth Criss steak house. Best steak I've ever had! :thumb:

I'd have already lost though, got my 7.3 a week ago Saturday, I already got ahold of Cory and ordered a 4" SS exhaust, Cold Air intake, Hydra and an Edge Insight CTS2. LOL
Took mine to the dealer today and had them do the cruise control recall. I was going to do it myself but the kit was $33, so I got it done for free & I didn't have to do it.:) Got a clean Oasis report in the bargain. And I have a working cruise control now :thumb:
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UPS sent me an update and now I won't see my performance stuff I ordered from Corey till Monday :mad:
But my door lock actuators and right side window motor will be here today, so I guess I'm working on doors this afternoon. I thought about doing the tinfoil fix on the locks but I found new Doorman's for about $30 ea. If I tear into the doors I only want to do it once.
Put my door lock actuators in both sides, works great. It started getting dark so I didn't start on the right side window motor . Either doing it tomorrow or going to look at an obs crew cab for my wife. Also picked up a bunch of detailing supplies, it's supposed to be nice this weekend. I'd like to get the bugs and dust off and some wax on
One of Santa's elves in a brown truck showed up today. All the stuff I ordered from Corey is here :) Got the Hydra programmed, an the Edge Insight updated and both are ready to go. Got the truck backed into my shop. Couldn't do much else today cause we were building fence, it supposed to rain tomorrow so I'm spending all day in the shop. I have a 4" SS Diamond Eye straight, turbo back system, an SB CAI going in plus the Hydra & Edge. I still need to order the EGT probe & some other Edge accessories. But if I get all this done I still need to change the window motor in the pass door. :grd:

I washed it Saturday and let it sit cause I wanted to wax it, checked this morning and already has a layer of dust so the wax has to wait till the next wash
Changed the positive battery cables out to the 4/0 that finally got made for me. However, after hooking it all up, I don't have any power--not even to the lights when I open the doors! Any ideas? I checked all the fuses to see if hooking back up the batts may have blown one, but all check fine.

I'm gong nuts on this thing!!!!!:crying::banging::why-me::banging:
You have nice clean surfaces when you bolted up the grounds? (Weak ground causes lots of problems). Did you check each end of the new cables with an ohm meter to check continuity before installation? Sounds simple but you never know, especially since it ain't working. It has to be something simple if all you did was change cables. Try a test light, one end to an engine bolt and touch probe to pos terminal. :dunno:
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