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What did you BUY FOR your 6.0 today?

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A little off-shoot from the "What did you do to your 6.0 today?" mega thread.
Very simple idea here, show what you bought for your 6.0 today.

Today was an expensive one for me:
-Upper and lower balljoints, both sides
-Center links
-NUC Oil by-pass filter kit
-Couple bottles of Archoil

Looking forward to posting install photos in the "What did you do to your 6.0 today?" thread.
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Just ordered a Mishimoto coolant bypass filter kit and looking to pick up an oil bypass filter kit as well, but don't want to support Sinister so trying to decide what brand/kit to go with and if engine doesn't already have blue spring kit I'll be ordering that as well.

Current Airdog lift pump is crazy loud so I'm ordering the newer 5g .model right away
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Transmission service items and fluid......a fan clutch.......leather cleaner and conditioner for the seats.....which happen to be the best damn thing on this entire truck!
Pics? ;)
Here is before and after. Seat on the right got washed twice with saddle soap and 5 applications of Lexol conditioner. I'll probably do a 6th coat as this leather was horribly abused and had no love for the last 12 years. Spent yesterday evening pulling the back seats and carpet out to clean them also.

Ewwwwwww sweet! :)
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Ordered a new 4g pump from Pureflowairdog today for my old Airdog 2 unit. The rep I emailed with(C.J. Schombert)was super helpful and responded almost immediately and mentioned that the older Airdog 2 units were very noisy to begin with so my unit being 10ish years old explains the ridiculous noise. The rep I spoke with on the phone to order the parts was very helpful and easy to deal with so at this point I would highly recommend

Now can't wait to put the new motor on my old girl lol.:)
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Also going in today to a VERY reputable transmission/drivetrain shop to have trans flushed and filter changed and have my 4x4 inspected as well. Also going to get them to replace right front U joint to match the left that was replaced a few weeks back by another shop.

Will also be replacing the Rancho shocks with Bilstien's here myself just as soon as this new April blizzard buggers off :rolleyes:
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Ok so not sure what to buy next lol. Thinking of getting this oil bypass filtration system:

Worth it or just do oil changes at shorter intervals?
@wpg_f250 Just do regular oil changes roughly every 5k. If you want to extend oil changes, take a sample and send it of for an analysis and see what they say. Otherwise those kits, in my opinion at least, are a solution in search of a problem.
Yeah that's what I figured. Thanks :)
Brake fluid or differential fluid? I assume brake fluid?
Caliper actually.

Had everything "inspected" like 2 weeks ago and right rear caliper was replaced and both rotors/pads and was told left rear caliper was still good, but apparently not :rolleyes:

Suffice to say I'll be doing everything myself from now on lol.
Best to replace calipers in pairs on an axle. Probably the slide pins are rusted tight; the pad may have worn to steel, and the pistons popped.
Haven't opened it up yet, but yeah just replacing the whole unit. Pads/rotors on both sides are brand new as is right caliper and very sad when a certified mechanic tells me a part is good only for it to fail horribly 3-4 weeks later. Like if it failed when I was towing my TT that could have been really bad so yeah for now on I'll be doing everything myself!

Like the wheel alignment was off and I had to adjust the track bar myself(perfect now)I SPECIFICALLY requested 5w40 diesel oil, but they put in 15w40 and said they figured I'd like it better wtf lol, they "LOST" my almost new Ko2 that were sitting in their shop and well the list goes on and on with my other vehicles I brought to them so enough of that BS eh!
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Picking up a set of glow plugs and harnesses from the dealership today. Ordered this morning. Popped a code for the #3 a couple days ago. Truck starts and runs fine. I don't feel like repeating this over and out with the old and in with the new.

Any chance you could do a how to write up on this procedure with pictures?
Possibly, although there are several good YouTube vids on how to do it that I've watched in prep for doing this myself.
Fair enough 👌
Well there goes $4000 on front end parts and still need to buy the new 6.7 steering box from Ford and grab all new bushings and drop pitman arm lol 😬🤪

Ball joints, tie rods, drag link, BDDIESEL track bar, sleeve, calipers, rotors and pads pictured here.

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Wow. Hard to live on a fixed income these days .........
Oh man don't get me started lol!

Frick...tipped the pizza guy $10 on a $25 order last night and the prick just walked away and didn't even say thank you :rolleyes:

Anywho I'll start stripping parts off this evening and hopefully by Monday I'll have everything put back together and ready for an alignment and then test drive to see if my issue is the gear box or not, but either way new 6.7 box going in when it lands. HOPEFULLY that will be it for a while ha ha 🤣😂
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Just dropped another $600 on bolts/nuts for hubs, tie rod sleeve and also ordered bilstein 5100 front and rears for 4-8" lift and that was another $1000.

Engine better not give me and damn issues anytime soon or I'll need to sell a kidney lol 😂
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Well picked this up today....

so I could do this

I'll more than likely be building custom stuff for my truck soon so the press will come in handy or at very least have it for any custom welding/fab work I need to do.
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Exchanged the rwd front hubs today and decided to splurge and get one of the pricier front 4x4 hubs and wasn't cheap to say the least lol.

The 4 hub bolts get bottomed out and impacted in with lock tight correct?

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