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What did you BUY FOR your 6.0 today?

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A little off-shoot from the "What did you do to your 6.0 today?" mega thread.
Very simple idea here, show what you bought for your 6.0 today.

Today was an expensive one for me:
-Upper and lower balljoints, both sides
-Center links
-NUC Oil by-pass filter kit
-Couple bottles of Archoil

Looking forward to posting install photos in the "What did you do to your 6.0 today?" thread.
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I found one at advance auto
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Currently searching for the best place to purchase an SCT tuner/monitor for my 05 6.0. looks like livewire is the one I am interested in. Ready to pull the trigger but not sure where to buy from. Any suggestions?
Thank you. It came with a bullydog when I bought it a year ago. Time to switch. I would rather buy from a supporter.
Rear hub seals and brake pads. FP gauge. Going on this weekend
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Bought an oil pressure gauge for the engine. Bothers me that I don’t know what the oil pressure is.
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