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What did you BUY FOR your 6.0 today?

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A little off-shoot from the "What did you do to your 6.0 today?" mega thread.
Very simple idea here, show what you bought for your 6.0 today.

Today was an expensive one for me:
-Upper and lower balljoints, both sides
-Center links
-NUC Oil by-pass filter kit
-Couple bottles of Archoil

Looking forward to posting install photos in the "What did you do to your 6.0 today?" thread.
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Actually a few days ago...

Later model mirrors for my truck. After the mirrors on my 04 F-150 with a tow package, I hated the "tow" mirrors on my 05 F-250 FX4 Lariat.

They arrived today. Will probably install them on Wednesday - my next day off.
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1 gallon of T6 was like 57$…
At Wally World or at the local parts place?
Bought the IPR high flow coolant kit. Well, to be honest, it was late last night. I really have to quit looking around online at bed time. It’s costing me a fortune.
I can relate.

I am occasionally surprised by arriving packages.

Fortunately they usually contain something I want or need.

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I'm not surprised it's always my wife - the PayPal email shows up and she is "what the hell did you buy now "

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Fortunately, our finances are pretty separate, except where we choose to combine them.
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I am a ham radio operator.

A ham radio buddy related this answer to his wife's griping about what he spends on radios. He lives in the Atlanta area.

"OK honey, I'll sell it all and spend the money down on Peachtree Street" (where the ladies of the evening are found).

He hasn't gotten any more static.
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A little late, bought it a few days ago and waiting for delivery.

Metal cold side CAC pipe from RiffRaff diesel with OEM boots.

As many times as I have had hot side CAC pipe disconnects, looking forward to elimination of failures due to age of the plastic cold side pipe.

Will install it when convenient. In the meantime it will be in the truck if I have a failure on the road.
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GreenBean is getting some new innards and juice soon. View attachment 787708
6.4 Tranny Pan and both filters plus pan gasket and new O-ring for TP filter.Plus case Of SP.And of course TT SENSOR (something so small can cause all that Anxiety),Need to round up a few more things for Saturday. View attachment 787709 View attachment 787710 "Hey give me my 34.00 back🤣😇 View attachment 787711
I know this is a popular upgrade for the tranny on a 6.0, but I don't know why.

Can you educate me?
If your asking about the 6.4 tranny pan, it has a better internal filter than the 6.0 and is slightly deeper so it will hold more fluid. I think that’s the main difference, but I could be wrong, it’s been known to happen. I upgraded mine because I was changing the fluid anyway it didn’t cost that much to change it out. But, cost is relative.
So, you install the 6.4 pan and the 6.4 filter?
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@[email protected] is a sponsor of this site and sells them.
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Thank you California for limiting my choices on intercooler pipes. Bought Sinister pipes for the truck to go with the new intercooler. Ordered Thursday and showed up on Friday since they are an hour away.
I won't have time for two weeks to install. Ugh.
Californistan regulates intercooler pipes?

That's insane.
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a few things...eventually will install but right now, just getting stuff together. Ordered the dipstick tube seal and the seal for the trans dipstick tube today. Should be in tomorrow.
How much was the wire channel? Mine needs replacement.
Hope it wasn't part of the Amazon counterfeit club.
Great minds think alike.
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Bought a new head unit. Can't wait until my day off to install it.
What did you get?
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