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What did you BUY FOR your 6.0 today?

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A little off-shoot from the "What did you do to your 6.0 today?" mega thread.
Very simple idea here, show what you bought for your 6.0 today.

Today was an expensive one for me:
-Upper and lower balljoints, both sides
-Center links
-NUC Oil by-pass filter kit
-Couple bottles of Archoil

Looking forward to posting install photos in the "What did you do to your 6.0 today?" thread.
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Today I bought an SCT X4 and a GearHead SRL Tune.
I finally got my lazy rear end moving and bought updated Gearhead tunes to account for my KC turbo (Stage 1.5). Had to load the updater on my new Windows 7 computer (I know Windows 7 is outdated!) so I could get the tunes loaded on my old X3 device.

I drove it on the stock tune for about 15 minutes ................ Horrible experience!!!

Sure do like the SRL+.
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Interested. How much. Money sucks right now because the time of year and the weather. I have only worked about 8 days since Christmas. I have even burned thru most of my cash stash.

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If you get a new steering wheel, I would like to have your button pads for the cruise functions (if the pic you posted is of your wheel).
I would gladly gift you my cruise button pad, but every now and then the “coast” button gives the same results as the accelerate button......until I smack the pad a couple of times to remind it who is boss.

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Really all I need is the rubber pad covering the buttons. My actual mechanisms under the rubber pad are still good (knock on wood)! I think the rubber pad just "peels" off.
If you ever pull the trigger on a new steering wheel, please keep me in mind ( am currently looking at junk yards and it isn't free to drive 40 miles to just get disappointed every few months!)
Lately I have had a few occasional cranks that sounded just a bit slower than normal. Finally followed some of my own advice.......

Disconnected the driver's side battery and checked voltage - 12.6 volts. Then I load tested and the voltage dropped to near zero. Charged it for awhile and repeated the test. Voltage was at 13 volts, but dropped to near zero under a load.

Tested the passenger battery and it tested ok, just not as strong as it should have been. After my DieHard Platinums failed on me, I got the Diehard Advanced Gold AGMs as part of the warranty (if it hadn't have been for the warranty, I would not have gone w/ the Diehard Advanced Gold batteries). They seem to last around 2 years. I guess 2 years is ok, but not what I want in a battery.

Installed two new X2Power AGM batteries. 60 month free replacement. 15% off at BatteriesPlus. Expensive, but they have nice reviews.
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The Diehard platinums were rebranded Odyssey batteries. They were outstanding. Sears quite selling them quite awhile ago. As they failed, if there was any warranty left, you could only get them replaced w/ the Diehard Advanced Gold which were in no form or fashion an equivalent quality. I wouldn't have considered them except for that.

As far as Motorcraft batteries go, the ones that came w/ a new truck were great. The replacement Motorcraft batteries were not of equivalent quality. I have had plenty of Motorcraft batteries for my 7.3L and never was impressed with them as replacement batteries.

My choice of batteries has come down to the ones I purchased or the Odyssey PC-1750 batteries.

IMO you get what you pay for and you can tell a lot by simply weighing what you are looking to purchase. The purity of the lead also makes a difference.
Took a "blind stab" at a couple of products:

Bought a 3M Medium Duty Headlight Restoration Kit for one headlight (needed sanding) and some Meguiars Headlight Coating for the other (no sanding required on this headlight - was still very clear).

Finished product looks pretty good. Supposed to last 1 year. We will see.

Found Scotty after-the-fact .....
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A few weeks ago I ended up buying a set of S&B cab mounts. I just found an induction heater for the bolts (forgot where I put it in 2019 before I left where I returned to), so hopefully I'll get to that sooner rather than later.
Both of which I would love to have (S&B cab mounts and an induction heater)!
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