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I know someone out there is running 37"s with a 4" lift. I have a 2004 F-350 with a 4" lift and 315/75r16 tires. These 315s look fairly small on my truck. I'm getting ready to replace my tires and I want to move up to 37x12.50"s. I have read a few forums where guys are doing it but everyone says "yea it's possible but it's all in the backspacing of your wheels." Well what backspacing do I need to accomplish this? Right now I have about 6" from the tire to the cab, and about 4" to the plastic lower bumper. I know I have room, I just want to buy wheels with the correct backspacing to set myself up for as little rubbing as possible while turning. Also does anyone have pictures? Thanks guys I look forward to your replies!
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