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Just wanted to give any one looking, or might be in the need, for a good shop in Western Wisconsin area. I had issues with my Excursion and after talking with Sheldon at Renegade Diesel, he was able to diagnose over the phone.

Renegade Diesel is a small shop, so don't expect fast turn around time. I had my truck in for two weeks before repairs where done. As Sheldon is the only full time guy it can be hard to get ahold of him. The best I can say to do is to text and when you call leave a message.

After picking up my truck, on the way home I had lost engine power; for luck I was taking an off ramp off the Interstate. Once again talking with Sheldon over the phone he knew what to bring to get me back up and running. The engine would turn over like a champ, but not fire. Sheldon changed out the IPR valve and the engine fired right up.

When need be, hopefully not for awhile, I will be taking my truck to Sheldon at Renegade Diesel again.
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