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so upon having this break down and still troubleshooting it (i only get 6-7 hours on the weekend to work on it) ive found myself buying upgrades...

Just ordered

IH Bellowed Up-Pipes
4" Down pipe
new clamps (i did some work on em last time pulling and re-installing)
new ICP (mine is full of oil)
Plenum inserts
New oil pressure sensor/temp sensor to get the frickin light to go off.

In Store for the weekend (wont get to install those until next weekend), pulling the valve covers off to inspect injectors/harness connections (we think this or the idm is the culprit of my poor power/miss/shake in overdrive issue), re-sealing the hpop and fuel bowl, and cleaning that mother fn' engine valley!

Hopefully i get it fixed with the uvch being loose or something easy, if not some rosewoods or taking her to the shop is in the very near future.

Next for mods is gonna be a beans tuned 6 pos, injectors, FRx and HPX (might just upgrade the hpop overall not sure), then moving to the fuel system and or just doing the in-tank mods.

Pray for me that this is just a uvch issue, not looking to buy injectors or a new IDM just yet haha!
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