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well i finally decided to get a new truck.
i am coming from a 00 ford 7.3 witch i was using as a work truck.
i am a contract driver i spend alot of time in my truck i put about 200 miles a day on my truck. i deliver heavy truck parts and what not to various shops and dealers in the Arizona.

so i traded my 7.3 in for a 2010 f250 ccsb 2wd 6.4 with 33275.6 miles on the clock the truck looks to have been a daily driver

now i know the 6.4 dose not get as good mpg the 7.3
and i drive about 50/50 freeway/city so i guessing i will get about 10 mpg out of the 6.4

the truck is still under factory warranty witch i don't want to void YET
but i am wondering what i can do to increase mpg if only 1-2 mpg is still a win in my book

but i am super happy with the truck so far and love it
i look forward to being part of the 6.4 guys

thanks for reading
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