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Welcome To Chapterhood!!

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Let me be the first to welcome yall to the wonderful world of chapterhood! Good luck guys and have a good time hanging out and I know yall will represent the Org well. :thumb:
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Sweet! I just noticed this. Thanks everyone!
Gonna be strange going to this part of the forum
congrats on chapterhood fellas
This is great, now we can get to work on building up our chapter and planning a good get together. Special thanks to Goose for getting this going.
Sorry I'm a little late finding it. The computer got a new hard drive and I had to get the memory off the old one transferred to the new one. Any ideas on the g2g.
lol Welcome. Im not sure about the g2g yet but if you have some ideas post them up in our chat thread
Congrats! Now you need to try and catch the CPA! :nod:

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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