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weak a/c

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2004 f 350 6.0
at the beginning of last summer the a/c was weak. i installed the gauges and pressure was good. i opted to change the orfice anyway, eveacuated and weighed in the charge. it didnt change.
im suspecting the blend door isnt closing off and letting it run heater hot air.
i will be pulling the a/c evap housing this weekend to do cyl studs and gaskets. can the blend door be accessed with the evap housing off and do these trucks have blend door issues ?

thank you in advance
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My blend door actuator was behind the glove box, It went bad and made a clicking noise. also check the heather hose actuator it may not be closing off. Its on the passenger side in the engine bay on the hose with a vacuum line hooked up to it.
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