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Hey there WCS North!
I thought I'd bring this to the top for everybody to see. If you haven't already skimmed through our bylaws this would be a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with them. These are the guidelines that provide the structure for our outstanding Chapter and enable us to exist as a recognized entity in the community and keep our members, as well as the .Org leadership, happy and taken care of. Please check them out!

(Please take note, also, of the portions of our bylaws outlining get-together attendance, qualifications for official get-togethers, and displaying our logo. As we speak I am actively looking for a new source for decals as well as recruiting cards :thumb: )


TO ALL NEW MEMBERS OF THE W.C.S.-Northern Division
We would like to take the time and thank each of you that want to join our chapter. We think we can make it a very fun, and enjoyable chapter to be in. Of course to join, you must be a resident of North (or South) California. You must abide by all Code of Conduct rules of both the site,, and of the chapter. We also have some By-Laws that cater to our chapter personally. These will need to be followed too.

All members will get their own stickers for the cost that we have to pay for them to be made. You can have these mailed to you, or pick them up at the next event that we have planned. We are not making any profit off of these items by the way.

The officers are basically the major decision makers in the chapter, but all members will have their own say on things. But the officers have final say so when it comes to discrepancies between members. We may call on staff to assist us sometimes also.

The officers are as follows:
Director: Alex (Marine5811)
Assistant Director: John (Fantom)
Historian: Gabe (Undercover_73)

If you have any questions, or concerns, please direct them to any of our officers, as they will assist you in any possible way.

Once again, thanks for joining West Coast Strokers-Northern division, We are glad to have you!

The Officers of The W.C.S.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________
WCS Chapter By Laws

I. Primary

WCS chapter bylaws may not contradict the local chapter bylaws provided by Bylaws contained herein are in addition to those provided by

II. Membership

Local chapter membership is open to any Ford Powerstroke owner and/or enthusiast residing in Northern (or Southern) California.

Chapter functions may be attended by any member, but only WCS chapter members may vote on any matters pertaining to the WCS chapter.

WCS logo must be located on the vehicle, location is up to the owner.

Members must attend at least 1 of the WCS's events yearly.

We want all members to show interest in the chapter, come to the events and post on the forums. The org's bylaws state we must have a certain percentage of membership attendance at all official events.

The only exception to this is our military members. We all know that you are working hard to help keep our country great. We also know that you will not be able to make it to some events, if any at all. The WCS recognizes this and will not hold Military members to the same standards as non-military members. Furthermore, because of this, when counting membership percentage at official meets, military members are not to be included in the overall membership number. This is just for counting attendance and determining official meet numbers. Not ever disregarding the military members from membership in the chapter. Thereby enabling us to have official events by membership percentage count with out having to have all military members in attendance.

III. Chapter Events

All chapter events will be announced on, and in the WCS chapter section. Any announced WCS event which draws 10% or more of THE WCS chapter members will be considered a qualifying event for maintenance of chapter qualification.
Examples of chapter events include, but are not limited to, local GTG's, track meets, camping trips, picnics and wrench meets. national events such as the Southern Smoke Show and/or Diesel in the Desert can be considered a chapter event as long as 25% of the WCS members are in attendance.

IV. Chapter Decision Making

Any decision made by the WCS will be handled by WCS officers. Officers will first address administration.
Once administration has approved, officers will turn to members to vote in the form of polls post on for all members to view. Any decision must have at least two-thirds vote from WCS members before it is confirmed. In the event of a tie or split, another poll will begin in which two-thirds of members must vote in the majority otherwise the matter with be handled by WCS officers and administration with the best interest of the WCS chapter in mind.

V. Sub Chapters

Considering the amount of possible members in the WCS chapter, sub-chapters among THE WCS maybe required. At this point in time, THE WCS does recognize the requisite of sub chapters. However, when members initiate concern and desire for sub chapters the issue will be addressed and a set of by-laws will be drafted for each sub chapter that will follow the by-laws of the WCS Chapter and

VI. Removal From Chapter Membership Roles

A member may be removed from chapter membership at any time, at the written request of the member. A member may be involuntarily removed by a two-thirds majority of voting members. A vote for removal will be posted and left open for no less than 7 calendar days. Grounds for removal include consistently rude or obnoxious behavior toward other chapter members, or
any actions which bring discredit to the chapter or

VII. Removal from Office

Elected board members may be removed from office by a two-thirds majority of voting members. A vote for removal will be posted and left open for no less than 7 calendar days. Grounds for removal include failure to perform the duties of the office, or any actions which bring discredit to the chapter or

VIII. Amendment of these Chapter Bylaws

These chapter bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority of voting members. (Means of casting and validating votes to be determined).
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