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WCS California chat

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So since laurie wanted us to move our converstions over to this new section i figured i would start a new page so here is our California chat page in our new section:woot:

Ill start off with a kill story...
so as i was heading home today just cruising at 60 on the freeway I see this 6.0 lifted harly edition dodging traftic in the rear view he gets next to me and roals a little coal on my truck, then he kept speedin up and slowing down:nod: its on now. so as we get side by side again i flip the chip to the 140tune and we both take off were neck and neck pulling up this hill 60up to xxxmph side by side the whole way till i saw the EGTS get to 1300 and let out of it and of course he flew passed me:doh: anyways i was pretty proud of the old girl keeping up with a 6.0
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cool, except, WTH???? why is your truck getting so hot??? have you posted your symptoms in the 911 engine thread??? you really need to fix the problem before I make you give your girl to a GOOD home..............MINE:hehe:
Running the 140 tune, going up hill @ xxx mph.....EGTs @ 1300. Sounds about right. The tune pumps a bunch of extra fuel in there. More fuel, more heat. Way to represent the 7.3s Jordan!!

It's weird seeing our chat thread with so few posts, but HEY, ya gotta start (over) somewhere, right? :nod:
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well, I thought it would give us a chance to start fresh, correct chapter with new members, they deserve to clog up this new thread.......
now if the AF's will get our sub forums onto the main page.......:dunno: I guess they are working on it.....

so you can post were you want til then since I have to go to my cp to get to this easily
Or now they have activated 'Tags' - You could tag this thread for easier searching.

Look at the line in between the last post on the page and the quick reply box. There is a nav bar called Tags.
done how will this help? I read something about this at one point, guess I will have to learn
HI OFFICER ADRIAN, how goes life? bet the boy is getting please....are you in Hayward or Carmichael?
done how will this help? I read something about this at one point, guess I will have to learn
After you create a tag, go to Search in the nav bar near the top of the page. Select Tag Search, type in your tag to find it.

Looks like Officer 7 is in Vacaville - According to the location in his post. I think he said they're moving there because his wife is still working in Sac. He works out of Hayward, so they head opposite directions to work.
HI OFFICER ADRIAN, how goes life? bet the boy is getting please....are you in Hayward or Carmichael?
He's already pushing ME down and taking my lunch money :hehe:
I'm in Vacaville, but work in Hayward. I'll try to post up a few pics of the cubbie (Mathias actually but that's my nick name for him)
so new WCS chat page?? ok ill post a new pic in my new rims and tires on, spartan intake and dp/straight pipe on the way!

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WOW that thing is a beast!!! Congrats on getting it here safely, now just bring it to a meet:woot:

will u go check your info on the new member list in the new sub forums....I am a bit :tard: & not sure if everyone is correct......EXCEPT Off. Seven:thumb:
thanks, ill be there for the meet! ill check member info...PM sent!
hey were getting somewhere with this new section....

yea laurie pulling a hill in that high of tune creates a ton of heat due to so much fuel and limited by the amount of boost possible, its limited at 25psi :doh: and 37s with stock gears dont help the situation, it was only 1275 for a split sec and let out of it, im not floating any valve seats or melting rings i know better than that:thumb:

Nor Cal, that truck is BA!!!! any more pics??? imo it would look better if all the susp was either orange or yellow, but thats just me... probably rides like a dream though

Officer 7 your in VV now? good to see some more members from here
did u get my pm on the gps? also I have a banks big head wga on my truck, have you tried adjusting your actuator? I guess you pcm isn't limited on the psi cuz of chip????:dunno:
yes i did... no i can hit 28psi with the wastegate unplugged, but after 25 the stock turbo is useless and over 30 kaboom!!!!
i had the wastegate plugged in so most of the boost had bled off after 20psi
so upgraded turbo AFTER '05 conversion??? :poke
more like after i win the lotto, :hehe: eventually id like to do stage one injectors and a GT38r turbo with water meth injection and proper tuning, but we can all dream huh
nothin wrong with dreamin :nod:
once i get her running properly i can start spending on mods,
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