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If you want to go all out on this, this what I would do and what I will be doing really soon.

Start with a good washing with Dawn dish soap. Use Dawn because it will strip any wax that is on the surface of the paint. Go ahead and feel your paint with a dry hand. If it feels like there is a gritty texture to the paint you are going to need to clay the paint. I personally use either the Mothers or Meguiars claybars.

While claying the paint make sure to keep the paint lubed up with the detailing spray or the particles you are trying to pick up and get off the paint will only scratch the paint more. Also as you are claying the paint make sure to frequently fold the clay over to keep exposing fresh clay. Work in small areas and buff the detailer spray off with a clean, dry, soft towel when you are done with that spot.

From there you should be left with a slightly dull, yet extremely smooth paint. From here you can go ahead and apply a coat or two of your favorite wax and have a very stunning looking truck.

Now you mentioned that you have a black truck and it has some swirls and scratches. Lets start with the scratches. If they are down to the primer or the metal you are out of luck. A repaint is the only way to get rid of it completely or you can kinda sort cover them up with some touch-up paint.

If the scratchs are just in the clear coat you will be able to buff them out but you are going to need to get some sort of a buffer. A DA (dual-action) buffer (Porter Cable 7424) will work the best, but any buffer will do the trick. Though I would not throw a pad on a grinder and go at your paint because you will most likely burn through you paint due to the speed of the grinder.

You would obviously want to start with the least abrasive compound you can get and work your way up to the coarsest needed to remove all of the scratches and swirls. Then you have to work your way back down to the least abrasive again to get rid of all the new scratches that you just put in the clear coat.

All in all this is a very time consuming and tedious process, but will be worth it in the end. If something I said doesn't make sense I am sorry, but I am very tired.

If you have anyother questions just ask or for a wealth of detailing information go to here.

That site is to auto detailing, as this website is to the Powerstroke.

Good Luck and hopefully I was of some help,
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