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Water pump

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My water pump is leaking on my 2002 7.3. Been looking around for parts and seem can't afford Motorcraft. They seem high. I came up with Gates and Bosch. Gates were $85 and Bosch were $115. That where my budget is. Found them on I need opinion. Plan on order either one tonight and have it ship out so I can fix it this weekend. Does water pump usually include gasket? Thanks.
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All the ones I have done had the gaskets with the water pump. Not sure if the brand really matters? I have used what I consider "no name" water pumps and so far the shortest lasting one went 90k.
Thanks Aaron. I think I'm going to go with Bosch because when I read it and it said gasket included. While the others didnt say. I'm going to wait and see what others will say.
run'n an AIRTEX. Got it from Rockauto as well. From what i hear, they are what motorcraft uses....50k and no probs..knock on wood.
Skip after market. Get OEM from Riffraff. $150. Pay to play or you will replace your water pump way too often.

Another option is what ever Autozone carries. Yeah you will replace it a lot, but they come with a lifetime warranty.
Dont do the autozone one. I'm on my fourth one in like three months. I have gotten really good at doing the r&r on them. Lol

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Like I said. You will replace it a lot haha
Just finished installed water pump. I installed Gates water pump. Everything seem simple. Had it done about 2 hours. I added some Motorcraft diesel cooling system additive. I put 4 oz of that and I checked my cooling system and it came out right below -30. Should I add some more of the additive or am I good for now? I run Zerex G-05 coolant and distill water. Let me know.
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