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my 1st post is out of shear frustration with my ownership of a 2008 6.4l. I bought it with 5000 mi in 2011, even though it went in service in 2007. I purchased it from a reputable Ford dealer, and on their advice I added a used vehicle warranty that would overlap the existing new vehicle warranty by one year. Plenty of coverage to ensure "protection". Well my 1st issue with the truck was with 20,000 mi on it. Hard starting one morning it appeared to be misfiring on a minimum of one cylinder, so I shut it down and almost didn't get it restarted, but did. I drove the truck to the dealer and left it with them, thinking I have complete warranty coverage.
So the story begins with Ford's diagnostic analysis of the symptoms my
6.4L began. As they dug deeper and deeper, (me still believing this was all covered under warranty) they got to the point of removing the cab from the truck and changing every piece in my fuel system. Why? My fuel pump had broken down inside, due to rust, and scattered metal fragments into my fuel system. Ford's conclusion is water in fuel and not covered by them. My repair bill to get my truck back, after 1 month without my truck, $10,200.00. WT_ kind of crap is Ford building. I own the following heavy equipment, Cat engines, Cummins engines, Isuzu engines, Kenworth Trucks, Hitachi, Cat and Kobelco excavators, Bomag rollers etc and the list goes on and never have I ever had a repair bill and complete failure of a company to honour it's obligation.
Comments from the dealer are, well 1) the biodiesel could have caused it, 2) contact Ford customer service
My thoughts are 1) I have done nothing wrong to not be covered by my warranty's 2) my vehicle never emitted any codes for water in fuel, etc 3) I fill up at reputable stations in a large metropolitan area and I am not a fuel biologist who can drive around and test the biodiesel I purchase, but guaranteed, all the diesel I purchased was under the allowable 5% limit 4) my dealer conviced me to purchase a used vehicle warranty(when I purchased the vehicle), that overlapped the existing vehicle warranty, because if I didn't and waited until the new vehicle warranty ran out, they could not guarantee the condition of the vehicle at that time and would have to do extensive tests on the vehicle to consider it suitable to warranty. 5)the vehicle went into service in Oct 2007, I purchased it in Mar 2011 with 5000 mi on. While it sat for multiple years with low useage did not the fuel in the fuel pump act on the metal and break it down. I owned it for 1.25 years of a total in service of 4.5 years. Isn't that what a used vehicle warranty is supposed to cover? 6) How can Ford create a vehicle that can be so severely damaged by biodiesel, when the govt allows biodiesel. Or how can water get into the system in the 1st place, do they not have a filtering system capable of removing contaminants.? 7) How can Ford create a vehicle that a simple bit of moisture, breaks down fuel pump(on a vehicle with 20,000 mi) and it can cost $10,000 to repair.
Ford Customer Service refers me to the dealer and the dealer refers me to FCS. I am getting nowhere, and looking like I may have to bear the entire cost of this.
This is the absolute worst treatment by what I thought was a reputable company. Ford is scamming it's cutomers, BIG TIME>

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