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Warren comp 5r110 used any things to check before buying?

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Hey guys found a guy locally who has a 2022 Warren comp trans said it only has 5000km which is prob bs but wants 4000cad maybe get it down to 3-3500 and it comes with a goerwnd triple disk. Just curious what a guy could do to ensure it’s in good shape?

Took a few pics of the converter just wasn’t sure what would have been in the holes


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He said shifts and runs perfect but almost looks like he broke the flywheel maybe? Also said it was from a build that never happened. But he has a 6.0 with compounds and said he has a different Warren comp in his truck
I’m a bit curious about the studs being broken off
Right? Said it came like that and that they were some sort of “plug” lol but they’re no way
Lol yaaaaaa I’ve went through that about 3 times during this build I suppose it’s time to learn from my mistakes
Might be good bones to build from but….you never what’s actually there. Does the converter have provisions for 6 and 8 studs? There’s no reason to plug unused holes in a converter, these trans are commonly used in big hp Cummins builds that wanna retain road driveability since the the th400 is 3 speed and less than desirable for driver use. I could maybe see if it was multi use pattern, 6, 8, and whatever pattern they’d use on a cumstain engine.
lots of billet converters are 6 and 8 lug so they fit the 6.0 and 6.4
you and actually use either on the various motors by swapping flex plates but 8 is the way to go I would venture to guess someone had some bolts back out and finally sheared the others
ya buddy was full of it he obviously broke the flexplate or the bolts backed out and snapped them off in the whole, talked to a few converter specialists and they said to steer clear as it could have potentially damaged the surface behind where the clutches ride. one thing with swapping flexplates i read recently is that the balance is different on the 6.0 and 6.4 flexplates so you should technically have weight taken off of the 6.4 plate if you put it on. i forget how much but it was enough to cause a slight vibration
1 - 9 of 9 Posts