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Warn hubs not holding

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So my 4x4 isnt working. 02, ESOF, warn manual hubs installed and all metal. I bought the truck with the hubs already in. SO, i flip the switch and the 4x4 light comes on and i am theoretically in 4x4 and it falls on its face when I let off the fuel like it should. Yet, i get stuck and i might as well be in dam 2wd. only the rear tires spin. she goes into 4lo and i hear and feel the clunk. I have done research on hear but no one seems to have my problem. The drivers side hub "clicks" into place but hte passenger doesnt seem to, it just turns to its extent but doesnt click it. could this be my issue?
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Take the hub apart. Ill bet the spring pedals that are supposed to push the gear set to "lock" have over traveled beyond where they are supposed to be, or someone put them in wrong. the knob while turn and lock, but it will not actuate the slide.

By nature of the front differential design the torque is automatically transferred to the wheel with less resistance.

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