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2000 F-350 Super Duty 7.3
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So I had my mechanic put a new body on to my 2000 F350. When I got it back from him there was a fuel leak which he eventually fixed. But from day one that I got it back the charging system has not worked. I replaced both batteries the alternator the glow plug relay the starter motor relay and made sure all the grounds that I can find have good connection. I am still left with a no charging system on the pop on the truck. At a buddy who's a mechanic come over and take a look. With the engine running at idle is digital multi meter read a 12.4 drop from positive battery to positive alternator, both sides. Measuring the negative to the alternator case resulted in 0. I'm at my wits end I need a wiring diagram for this truck and some advice.

I should also mention the cab is from A99F250 super duty and my truck is it 2000 F350 super duty. They are both 7.3 diesels
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