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I have wanted to jump on the bio diesel train for awhile but have been running into problems finding methanol in large cheap quantities where i live. So now i have been thinking about vegistroking my 95 7.3 instead. I have a good source for wvo. I have a few questions please bare with me. thanx for any help

1. Has anyone done the vegistroke kit on a 95 7.3 on this forum? Does it work good? Any problems that will arise from doing this on my truck?
2.Do u lose power from running svo compared to bio d or ulsd?
3. I live where it gets down to - 30c can i still run svo when its that cold outside?
4. Does svo lubicate as good as bio d does?
5. How long can u keep unfiltered wvo before its not good to be made into fuel?
6. How can filtered svo keep for before its not good for fuel?
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