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Vegistroke owners with the 60 gal. toolbox tank - help me out.

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Just got my Vegistroke system in last week and am about to install it this weekend. But, before I do, I was hoping someone could give me a hand with a question about the toolbox style tank.

This thing has a ton of connections on it - can anyone tell me what is what? :tard:

So what goes where? I know I have a coolant in and out, fuel out, fuel return, fuel level wiring...what else is there that I'm forgetting?

Overall, the system looks great. Everything looks professional grade and I can't wait to get it put on and running.

It's taking me a while, but I'm slowly getting there.

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Thank to Clay for the help and everyone else for the congrats!

Time to turn some wrenches I guess! :)
Marv. Thanks for all of the posts today. My vegiestroke should be in the first week of July and all of your posts will help me with my install. It is also good to know all of the folks on this site is willing to help. Is Clay on-call for all installs? Keep us updated.
Man, you're more than welcome. That's exactly why I try to post up on all my questions, cause I know at some point in time, someone else is likely to have the same one...haha! :rofl:

Clay has got to be one of the nicest folks I've ever met on an internet forum. Always willing to help, give out advice and will always answer any question. We need more folks like him around!! :hail::clap::hail::clap::yourock:

As I told Clay today, I hope to take a lot of pictures and try to draft a write up to help others in the future. Also, whatever I come up with, I'm going to send to Jason and James at DFA in case they want to use it to refine their instructions a bit.

Looks like I'm gonna try to put in the tank, module and wiring tomorrow even though I'm missing some fittings for the fuel lines. I've got a call into DFA and I'm sure they'll call me back on Monday to resolve my issues.

Wish me luck and I'll keep everyone up to date as I move along.

Thanks!! :thumb:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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