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Vegistroke owners with the 60 gal. toolbox tank - help me out.

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Just got my Vegistroke system in last week and am about to install it this weekend. But, before I do, I was hoping someone could give me a hand with a question about the toolbox style tank.

This thing has a ton of connections on it - can anyone tell me what is what? :tard:

So what goes where? I know I have a coolant in and out, fuel out, fuel return, fuel level wiring...what else is there that I'm forgetting?

Overall, the system looks great. Everything looks professional grade and I can't wait to get it put on and running.

It's taking me a while, but I'm slowly getting there.

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Glad you asked this. I got my kit in 2 weeks ago and just havent had time to install. Good luck. I hope to do mine soon.
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