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In about a month I will be relaxing injector cups, injector o-rings, UVCH gaskets and wiring, and GPs.

So figured it’s a good time for the oil change and coolant change since I kind of have to do that.

It’s a 97 F-350 with 244k miles. I have no idea if the coolant has been flushed before, but I have maintained the SCAs in it. I just replaced the water pump about 5k ago.

Would you recommend VC-9 flush or not?

I’ve seen a lot of 6.0 guys say that their oil coolers get plugged after the flush, but haven’t seen anyone complain about that on a 7.3.

I just want to do this job right and completely. I don’t want to cause more problems but I’d also like to forget about having to do any more preventative or regular maintenance (except SCA) on the cooling system for a few years.

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