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valve noise 1st-3rd

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I have a 2008 6.4 with 174k it has valve noise all the way up to the top of 3rd or just into 4th gear, why would it do this ? the rpm’s are the same going threw all the grears, Load is all the same, just funny it only does it 1-3rd, when i hit 4th its quiet. I would like to fix this,
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Is it valves or injector rattle?
Is it valves or injector rattle?
Tell you the truth I have no idea . Didn't know injectors make noise like that. Do they sound the same? Can you describe what injector noise sounds like? I can only describe it as valve noise on a gas powered engine. Funny thing is that it clears up in 4th quiet as a mouse
Yeah hubba injectors can be noisy. They will produce a nice rattle sound. They become even louder when running a big tune. I would almost bet that is what you are hearing.
I guess buying new injectors won't help? Is this sound going to lead to any problems? Or is the sound normal?
No injector rattle is normal. Is the truck tuned?
Yes , but it did it before the tune as well. I seem to hear It more now I guess. Is there anything I can do to stop it?
Yeah that's how mine was before and louder after. I run diesel kleen and it seems to make it less noticeable, however, that isn't the reason I run the additive but it just seems to help. My h&s tunes aren't nearly as loud as the kem250 I used to run.
Thanks. I run kleen in my truck every fill up. And also running h&s
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