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Should you delete 2017+ Powerstrokes???

Valid Reasons for Deleting 2017+ Powerstrokes???

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Hey folks,

So I have owned the 7.3, 6.0 and now a 2017 6.7L with 37,000 miles. We all know all the benefits to a full delete on the 6.0s, 6.4s and early 6.7s.

So the poll question is, should you delete 2017+ 6.7l Powerstrokes or not? If you vote, please share your perspective and hopefully real-life experience with this motor.

Like most, after purchasing the 2017, I immediately just ASSUMED a full delete would be needed to ensure long-term reliability. However, after researching the topic and looking at all of Ford's improvements in this newest 6.7l generation I have come to the conclusion that a delete is simply unnecessary. I am not seeing reliability issues related directly to the emissions on these trucks. So deletes, especially for low mile trucks (under 100k), seem to be more "fad" than a choice supported with evidence. Appears to me, that many guys/gals are simply making assumptions on the benefits due to prior year emission related issues (certainly for pre-2015 powerstrokes).

While I am no tree hugger, I also think retaining the emissions is the responsible thing to do for our environment, especially if the performance benefits are small or unproven and not quantified. Not sure if there is enough data available from 2017+ deleted truck owners at this point. I also use my truck strictly for heavy towing (15-25k loads), not for show boating, so my perspective may be different. I do plan on having over 300,000 miles on this truck with 10+ years of ownership. So if a performance mod will significantly improve engine life and reliability I want to do it. As such, my 1st mod was a Amsoil dual bypass oil filter system.

But I wanted to get people's perspective on this? I assume this is a highly debatable topic. It would be superb to hear opinions from professional diesel mechanics with years of experience on the newer 6.7s?
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Since DEF emission systems are an “after treatment” meaning the treatment of emissions occurs in the exhaust system after combustion, they are much better on an engine than the older systems were. However newer motors including 17+ 6.7s have functioning EGR systems, which cause exhaust gases to be recirculated back into the intake side of the engine. The largest benefit to deleting is the eliminate the EGR so the motor is breathing fresh air. Deleting the DEF system is just a bonus and obviously removes added problems down the road as the system ages. Honestly, the tuning out these days is so good that smoke in the form of unburned fuel is a thing of the past, unless you have higher HP tunes that fuel harder.

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Not arguing against the "traditional" justifications for a delete. However, in reality there is no imperial evidence that shows a WELL MAINTAINED (not hot rodded) truck in stock form = less engine life than a deleted motor. And BTW, I was always a fan of deletes, especially with older versions where the emissions systems where rather new (6.0 and 6.4 especially along with Duramaxs and Cummins, etc).

However, I would like to bring up some articles that argue or warn against it so others can look at both sides and make an informed decision. Also, the EPA is heavily cracking down on aftermarket tuners in just the last 2 years. Scares me a bit. Plus you do take a hit on aftermarket value if your truck is deleted (I dont plan on selling mine...driving it into the ground).

Some opposing articles that warns against it:

Overall, I completely agree with reasons why to delete. I am just not 100% anymore they outweigh the con's. And the EPA risk is becoming much higher as they crack down on aftermarket companies.

My plan is to sit and watch at least for another 30k miles or so. Let my warranty period end and see how these newer trucks are doing in stock form with 200k+ miles.
I agree, I’ll go a step further and say I don’t think one should delete unless they want more power, want to add aftermarket turbos/fuel systems, etc, period. And if you want more power you don’t care about the warranty.

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