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Ok Guys, I'm fairly new to the Diesel world. Here is what i have. it's a 03 quad cab, long bed dually, 2wd, Automatic 7.3
I have already changed to the tymar and a Diamond Eye 4" exhaust.
What is the next step that i need to take. this is a daily drive, i want better MPG, but more power. i don't tow or haul anything but i have it just in case.
i know i want to add a chip, but am considering either a WW/turbo upgrade (38r), injectors, and a HPOP.
I don't want to loose the reliabilty factor, but i like to have fun also.
So what would you guys recomend, and what steps should they be done in. As far as Budget, don't really have one. If it's worth it, it will just take longer for me to save up to get it.

Thanks guy

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