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I have a '08 F250 with SCT tuner. Also, has DPF/ EGR Blocked. It has run great for 145k miles. On a recent trip it developed a TICK. Had it checked & they replaced 2 pulleys. Tick became intermittent.

Had another shop run BG flush through it. Engine RUNS great... no TICK. Then it came back on idle and would disappear on acceleration. Then for a week or more it was gone completely.

On a short trip today on the freeway it suddenly went into LIMITED POWER MODE. Ran fine to town. Stopped and got out tuner got these codes: UO100-101-115.
Deleted codes/ restored to stock... Ran it for 2 minutes... retuned to PERFORMANCE/ Street tranny (old tune). Got back on fwy... went back to LIMITED POWER MODE.

Ran fine all the way home. Went through same then removed both battery grounds & retuned. Ran fine for 10 miles BOOM... back into LIMITED POWER MODE. Engine sounds fine... no ticking at all.. same codes.

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