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Universal EGT probe?

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would my SCT egt probe work on an edge insight? or do i have do buy an EDGE probe?
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No it will not. The probes are calibrated per the unit reading them. I tried this when going from Edge to SCT.
ahh damn ok i was looking at XDP had insights on sale but it gets pretty costly when you start ordering all the extras.
if you can find out the ohm reading the sender is using, you may find a match, but i believe many have tried the combo you speek of, and they are different
You would need an Edge Probe for that.
Not a sales pitch but now is the time to buy Edge. They rarely go on sale and are currently on sale until 10/31
Get a dashboss monitor and you can order an egt probe on eBay for $18 shipped. But it comes from hong kong lol. That's what I did. Then all you need is an egt amplifier which is $25 shipped on eBay as well.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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