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Unison ring out of a Duramax?

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I had a Ford mechanic tell me that the stainless unison ring out of a duramax will resolve the turbo issues with the VGT PSD turbo. I searched around an couldn't find anything. Has anyone else heard of this.

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Ford already coats reman center housings. Don't know if it actually helps or not, never had a turbo apart with a coated housing. obviously the coated housings are the newest version out there and there hasn't been a lot of time for them to seize up. I have a unison ring on my box, tomorrow i'll check if it's stainless or not

ford did not get rid of the VGT vane sweep. I have the latest and greatest cal and it sweeps nearly all the time
Meant to hit on this some more in that post...Would 'y'alls' experience entail just your Rigs and your customers who know that it could be a problem and therefor protect against it by not idling very often or switching to high idle when necessary; or does this experience also entail plenty of rigs owned/operated by people that don't know/care about this 'possible' issue?
We get all of the above and some not even mentioned.
the unison ring is stainless
Certain grades of stainless will rust. For example T409 will rust while T304 will not.
For the most part (from what I can tell) the unison ring does not rust, it may get slightly discolored and carboned up, but they usually clean up fairly easy. The cam slot will wear out for sure
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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