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Unison ring out of a Duramax?

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I had a Ford mechanic tell me that the stainless unison ring out of a duramax will resolve the turbo issues with the VGT PSD turbo. I searched around an couldn't find anything. Has anyone else heard of this.

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I've been giving some consideration to a coating on the turbo for a while now. I think the standard ceramic coating you see on exhaust is too thick and not uniform enough for a tight tolerance wear surface. However when I was drag racing there was a ceramic coating some people were applying to the crank journals for increased lubricity. I need to do some research on that product to see what the nominal thickness is.

I think if you were to coat the housing and the ring, or replace the ring with a SS one it would definitely alleviate rusting and possibly due to the smooth surfaces would decrease adherence of carbon.

edit: Here's a site I found with some info on dry lubricant ceramic coating

CIC Crankshaft coatings

On a side note, here is an article that is written way better than I could say it in regards to why you would want to coat any part.
This is all information that I am looking into, esp in regard to the ring. Right now I think if the SS unison does exist, that might be a better alternative to coating the stock part. I need to research to see what the tolerances are on these parts and what the nominal clearances are. After that, see what the thickness is on the coating.

Barring problems with that, I would think a coating on the turbo housing and maybe even all the parts in the VG exhaust side would make the turbo more reliable and smoother functioning.
Thanks for the info. You said you looked into ceramic coating the turbo internals. What made you reconsider?
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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