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Unison ring out of a Duramax?

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I had a Ford mechanic tell me that the stainless unison ring out of a duramax will resolve the turbo issues with the VGT PSD turbo. I searched around an couldn't find anything. Has anyone else heard of this.

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Sounds like a good way to prevent rust build up....I don't think it'll do much against carbon/soot though. I would also think any machine shop with a mill could make you one.
IIRC the Dmax and PowerStroke turbos are both VGT made by Garrett.

Why would one have different materials on the inside???
Did Ford/International have it first? Maybe they saw the problems and requested it for they're turbos.
Carbon build up is an issue we have never seen. Only rust. This seems to be caused by A: sitting for long periods without running or B: compromised EGR coolers and owners that don't fix them right away. Instead they just keep adding water to the cooling system.
Trying not to misunderstand you; are you saying that soot/etc... from long idle periods really isn't a problem?

DieselFab said:
Nickel plating the housings has been our best/most cost effective solution to date...
Similar to stuff used in some weapons like POF's "NP3" with which they claim you don't even need to lube the moving parts??
"NP3™ is a combination of a nickel alloy plating combined with
Polytetrafluoethylene aka Teflon. The plating components with
electroless or autocatalytic nickel is one of the most rapidly
developing metal finishing processes. The advantages of coating
uniformity, corrosion resistance and hardness are providing designers
with opportunities to protect and improve base materials in ways that
were not previously possible."

There's also Chrome/Chromoly coatings used in auto/semi-auto firearms used for hardening/longevity/corossion resistance...
Not in our experience. That doesn't mean it isn't though.
Meant to hit on this some more in that post...Would 'y'alls' experience entail just your Rigs and your customers who know that it could be a problem and therefor protect against it by not idling very often or switching to high idle when necessary; or does this experience also entail plenty of rigs owned/operated by people that don't know/care about this 'possible' issue?

I had read somewhere that Ford got rid of the VGT sweeping on the newer flashes, which would indicate that they also found it to not be an issue. Maybe I should start another thread actually polling for who's turbo vanes have siezed absent of any other situation or problems.
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