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Unison ring out of a Duramax?

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I had a Ford mechanic tell me that the stainless unison ring out of a duramax will resolve the turbo issues with the VGT PSD turbo. I searched around an couldn't find anything. Has anyone else heard of this.

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There are 2 surfaces where rust is a concern. The unison ring and the turbo body on which the unison ring slides. Typically the turbo body gets so pitted that the sliding of the unison ring is inhibited, causing the problems and not the unison ring rusting. I wonder if a ceramic coating could be applied onto the the turbo body. That along with a stainless steel unison ring would REALLY get rid of the issues with a VGT.
Nice link.
I went on there and read up on their coatings. Since the crankshaft coating seems to be oil dependent for continued lubrication, wouldn't a different coating be more suitable? Say, for instance, the coating for cylinder heads? I don't know what type of lubrication this coating would give (if any) or even if the lubrication is actually an issue. There really isn't all that much pressure on the unison ring. It just slides over the surface of the turbo body. You can't even add "never seize" since that product could "gunk up the works."
Coating the unison ring itself could cause issues with the way the vanes engage onto the ring, unless that particular surface could be excluded from surfacing. I wonder if the tolerances would be so tight that the ring would have to be machined a few thousandths thinner to take into consideration the thickness of the coating applied to it and the turbo body surface that the unison ring comes into contact with....
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