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I have been reading threads all over the internet (yes even from other forums) and I am winding up with possibly multiple culprits. Here are my issues/symptoms:

(Father-in-law's Truck)
Automatic Tranny
110,000 miles
1/2 Tank of fuel
F-I-L just changed fuel filter 1 month/400 miles ago (didn't say whether it was both or just the one under the hood)
(Horrible maintenance record [I've changed my lawnmower oil more often])

1) Small amount of white smoke at start up and while idling until operating temp is reached (have not smelled it yet to see if its sweet like coolant or bitter and burning like raw diesel)
2) More white smoke at hard acceleration but not pouring out
3) Rough idle gets slightly better the longer it runs
4) Very noticeable vibration if you accelerate while traveling at Highway speeds (rhythmical vibration that feels like the drive-shaft is unbalanced but only occurs when trying to accelerate)
5) Will rev to 3000 rpm before shifting to 2nd and you have to let off to get it to shift.
6) Huge loss of power in final gear to the fact that if I want or need to pass someone it struggles to get above 2500 rpm while traveling at highway speeds.
7) Mother-in-law took it to a local shop (not a Ford dealer but they have always used this shop) to have oil serviced truck was driven back to their house and the next morning it would not start. It would turn over/crank but would not start. It would stutter a few times like it wasn't getting enough fuel to fully start then nothing.
8) After reading MANY threads about the EGR and the Cooler problems I pulled the EGR valve (was really stuck in there) and found HEAVY carbon and what appeared to be oil sludge built up on it. We cleaned all this off the EGR and as much as I could reach I cleaned out the EGR opening/port and re-installed the EGR Valve.
9) After I repetitively tried starting it (turning key to KOEO position for at least 10 sec.) with no success I kept the accelerator to the floor and cranked it. It struggled to start but eventually succeeded and stumbled and fluttered to a rough idle.
10) I then tried to rev the engine only to have it reach at max 1500 rpm. If I did this and then immediately let go of the accelerator the engine would stubble and try to die to which I would depress the accelerator to keep it alive.
11) After allowing it to idle for about 20 mins I was able to get it to rev to 2000 rpm. If I stratigically manipulated the accelerator by slighly letting off and ever-so-softly depressing it again I could get to 2200-2300 but that was the max.
12) Thinking this got it back to at least starting and being able to drive it I was sent on my way.
13) The next morning I received a call that it was back to not starting.

So here I am (after a lengthy report of events)
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