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Yet to see 15 psi on mine

I installed mine and set it to 2" and have yet to see over 15 PSI even when I use the go peddal and get the egt's to 1200 for a short time. I am wondering if I need to check for leaks in the boost system? I will tighten it down another .25 and see what the change is?

Highway @ 70 with cruise control I stay between 2-3 psi and if I romp on it to pass I see 12-14.

guage is an autometer c2 mechanical hooked to the boost controler hose I was not going to use any longer with the new control arm(maybe should hook it up some where else?).

Very noticable difference after the install though.....boost stays steady through the fist 3-4 gears with no loss....might even do the same through OD but EGT's have keept me from keeping in it that long(considering water/meth to lower EGT's)?

After you adjust it I would be interested to know where you ended up (1.5, 1.75, etc) and what boost numbers you are getting.
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