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I just got a 2005 f550 with 6.0, it runs good and pulls hard until every once in a while on the freeway it cuts out to what seems like half power, and the turbo spools up to 30+ unless I let off the throttle. While in this state, any input from the pedal only spools the turbo higher, and doesn’t hardly add any power to the engine. It doesn’t throw a CEL. After I let off the throttle and milk it for a bit (10-30 seconds?) it kicks right back to normal and runs like nothing ever happened. It seems like it’s happening after running at freeway speeds for 10+ minutes.

It is straight piped as the cat was stolen the day before I bought it, so I just cut the exhaust off at the back of the cab. Would that be causing issues?

It has a bully dog outlook tuner on it, I tried turning it down to zero and that didn’t change anything.

I’m new to 6.0 but from my searches on here it sounds like I’m being directed to possibly and issue with the EBP sensor? I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet as I am out of town for work but I want to get a good idea of where to start when I get back. Anything else that could be causing these issues?

así the truck had a bit of work done on it right before I bought it, here’s a picture of the work order if that helps
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