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TTB Swap to Solid Axle - Dana 60?

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Ok guys. I know there is info all over the web on this but I keep finding scattered and conflicting info. Here's the deal: I have a 1997 F250 HD 4x4 7.3 powerstroke (older square body). Axle code on door sticker is 39 which = 3.55. I want to swap out the TTB with a solid axle, so I'm guessing Dana 60. Here's my dilemma and questions and I apologize for the ignorant questions up front. I've never done this.
1) I can't find a 3.55 front axle in Dana 60 anywhere. Does it have to match the rear 3.55?
2) What is the best year models to target to find one?
3) Anyone have a good source for one? Complete assembly ready to go.

I appreciate the help.
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It doesnt have to match gear ratios, but you can only use it if you start spinning as it will bind with the different gear ratios, 3.55 are out there my 94 f350 has 3.55 in front and rear, 95 to 97 front is your best bet as the brake calipers are the same as what you have now 94 and older use different calipers and a slightly smaller rotor, then in the 80s some use king pins instead of ball joints. Good luck on your build it's not gonna be real cheap to do.
I appreciate the tips 1994ford350. Yea I think I'd rather not have the binding and go with the 3.55 in the front like is in the back. I'll start looking for a F350 front, 3.55. I didn't figure it would be cheap but I'm tired of working on and tweaking this TTB.
Honestly when I had my 95 I never had any issues with it, but I rebuilt all the bushings with poly bushings and it made a huge difference. Just a thought.
Right now mine needs quite a bit of work. Ball joints, center pivot bushings, maybe a spindle. I put on a 4" lift kit a few years ago and it's just tore it up. I figured if I was going to put all the money into it that I need to, I'd just go with a Dana 60 from all the good things I've heard about them.
Just get a Dana 60 and put 3.55 gears in it.
Yea I've been toying with that as well. Just being a lazy mechanic and trying to minimize the process. A bolt-on set up would be ideal but since these are so hard to find, a gear swap may be the way to go.
What size tire's are you running? Keep in mind that you will want the f350 front springs also even though you already have a lift. If you use the 350 main springs with the lift spring you have under the 250 springs now it will ride a little better. Also a Dana 60 is going to lift the front of your truck almost 2 more inches. 4.10 gears are a lot easier to find especially when it comes to F350 4x4s
Just 35's on a 4" lift. Nothing crazy. Have never been able to get the camber right since lifting it. With all the work that needs done now, I'm going back with a different lift kit. I've read lots of good things about the Dana 60 swap and how much better they are so I figured I'd just go for it.
With 35s and 3.55 gears I take it that you never tow or haul anything heavy and you are a flat lander. My truck like many of the f250s came with 3.55 gears but with the weight I tow and living in the mountains I made the switch to 4.10 gears and glad of it. I ran a 4" lift and 35s on this and other obs trucks and didn't have problems with them but I always change all the bushings to poly. The biggest reason I switched to a Dana 60 was it kinda fell into my lap with a price I couldn't refuse.
I have 3.55 gears and had 35s when I first bought my truck and a crappy 4 inch lift, I never really had any problems towing, the only issue I had was starting from a stop, that required a little clutch slippage but that's only with heavy loads around 10k lbs, once out and rolling it was fine, I'll never switch to 4.10 in my f350 just because I tow like 20% of the time and I have no issues and when I'm empty the 7.3 humms right along at about 2100 rpm at 70 indicated, I have since lower the rear back to stock height and just leveled the front and run 33s. 3.55 are the way to go for me. And dana 60s are out there. Good luck.
No not really at all. Mostly flat land driving and mudding. We tow the occasional cattle trailer and a boat every now and then but nothing too harsh. For me it's all about mileage vs torque.

I'm having a heck of a time finding any Dana 60 though.
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