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AD2 is off the table,between all the issues and lack of customer service.

i want to keep it simple and bump my flow levels up a little. ive pretty much decided on a walbro 392 and the ITP pre-pump kit(filter and tank mods)
from what ive read this is pretty popular and effective.

if i go this route what size fuel line should i run between the ITP filter and walbro?i would step up to a fuel lab or raptor pump,but for 300$ plus i would rather wait for pure flo to get their crap sorted out.

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I would be interested in a response to this as well as I am looking at running the gal-392 myself. The only thing that worries me a bit is it says max fuel pressure is 60 psi. Which is about as high as I would run it, but running at maximum limits usually results in earlier failure, not to mention it says it is meant to run gasoline not diesel. Not sure if that is an issue or not. Biggest difference between your plan and mine is I still need to run a RR. I already have the ITP Pre pump mods done to include the filter.
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