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Truck Stolen !!!!!!!!!'mmm

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36xKY6 is the LP Black and gold 2tone with TSD and Powerstroke decals in white on the back windows ! San Antonio Texas South side of town !!!! Please look out for it . I got 3 feet from it as they was taking it could not do anything . I did not have my gun ready .
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Sorry to hear it. Wife lives in Huntsville, just north of Houston. I'll pass it on to her.

Just FYI, the drug runners have been targeting trucks like ours because of the hauling capacity and off-road abilities. I would almost bet money that it's headed south.

Best of luck.
dang sorry to hear that, why dont they target the damn dodges, no one wants those anyways might as well take those :hehe:
Sorry to hear this. It seems like every time someone posts about a stolen it is in Texas...:dunno:
Huh....This is a secondary thread to the main one... In his other thread the truck is already found and returned:nod:
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