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Street legal truck pull in Springfield TN on June 27 pull starts at 7PM

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rules for Springfield TN truck pull

1. Start time is 7:00 p.m. Must be registered by 6:30 p.m.

2. Trucks must meet street legal requirements. No modifications to suspension or external weight bracket.

(Lift kits are acceptable)

3. All trucks must be driven in gate. If they are hauled in, you WILL go into outlaw class. No questions asked.

4. No propane or nitrous

5. No trucks equipped with kill switches.

6. Hitch height must not exceed 24".

7. All weights and loose articles must be secured! No weight brackets on front of truck.

All extra weights must be secured in bed.

8. Current license and registration required and WILL be checked.

9. Weight Classes:

6,200 lb. gas maximum weight

6,200 lb. diesel maximum weight

7,200 lb. gas maximum weight

7,200 lb. diesel maximum weight

8,200 lb. diesel maximum weight

10,200 lb. diesel maximum weight

Outlaw Class - All weights will pull together

10. Must have DOT approved tires. NO cut tires.

11. Puller must provide a 1" or larger clevis.

12. Age requirements:

15 years or younger MUST have written parent's consent and adult accompaniment.

16-17 years MUST have written parent's consent.

18 and over - driver assumes full liability.

13. ALL participants MUST wear seat belt.

14. $20 hook fee (per hook).

15. 80% payback per class (except Outlaw Class)

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be paid.

Outlaw Class pays -

$125.00 for 1st place

$75.00 for 2nd place

16. All trucks in Outlaw Class will pull in a single class together.

17. Trucks will be inspected at gate and weighed and classed accordingly.

18. Only 1 person per truck when pulling, except if under 15.

19. Any announcements or rules made/changed the day of the event, if needed, supersede these rules.

20. Puller will be disqualified if management is suspicious of puller being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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at the fair grounds on hwy 431/41 north
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