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Looking for some opinions to narrow down the culprit.

My 2001 F350 7.3 with 4r100 has had shifting issues since I purchased it 2 years ago. I have the EDGE extreme programmer and when purchased it was on the Tow/1 setting so I didn't notice any issues when test driving. Shortly after purchasing I had to replace the batteries and discovered the issue when the stock settings defaulted. In the stock mode without any programmer influence the tranny won't shift out of first gear, in spite of RPM or letting off the accelerator. Once I reprogrammed the EDGE tuner the truck started shifting fine again.

I changed fluid and filter after discovering the issue in hopes of helping the matter, with no improvement. Occasionally over the last two years the OD and ABS lights would appear but didn't affect shifting, and would reset after restarting. I replaced the speed sensor with no resolution to the codes or shifting issue in stock mode.

I initially assumed the tranny was going out and prepared myself for the inevitable. Fast forward two years later and it's still going with no further degradation. I don't know if this can be addressed with a new valve body or component or requires a complete overhaul.

So basically I'm ready to root this problem out and would appreciate any insight to the issue you might have.

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