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Installed temp gauge hooked up trailer did test drive found that temp slowly build up 200 on rollers light climbs. Did one short steep climb temp went to
210 and ever recovered below 200 the 8 miles back on flat roads.
High pressure cleaning on transmission tank, removed inline filter installed Tru Cool 4739 cooler bypassing factory aux cooler.
Did same test drive temp drop was 25-30 deg. On steep climb 175 but on back side going down 191 and the 8 miles back 165. Both test drives were done with air temp in the 60s.
Don't know what will happen when temp get near 100.
So my question, can I hook up my oem aux cooler in series with new stand alone cooler and still have enough fluid flow ?
2002 SD 7.3 towing 10,000# trailer.
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