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Today my transmission decided to start having problems... right before I make a trip from CA. to IN and back.

History. Transmission was replaced roughly 80,000 miles ago, by AMMCO (bad choice I now know). I just had the transmission flushed and fluids and filters changed 3 weeks ago and a John Woods Valve body installed (a chip too). My goal was to make the trans last long enough to get a John Woods transmission next year.

TODAY: started driving and trans felt like it was slipping and began to surge while RPMs were fluttering. The off light for the tow mode started flashing so I took it home and parked it. Later I went for a drive to try and diagnose things. The torque converter didnt seem too lock up like it should and trans was running really hot. Usually runs about 150 or less and this time it was running 180. My thought is that it is the torque converter going out. I could use any experience or help.

I need this truck by next week for my trip! Sorry about the long post... just figured the most info would help.
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