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first i have 1999 F450 7.3 with 22ft cube box moving truck. thought its time to change trasmaission fluid after more then 30.000 mile.
-check with delare said put mercon v
-i opend trans plug, draind a little more then 5L . and i filled same amount mercon v (old fluid looked fine)
drove the truck and noticed soft vibration alwayes befor shiftting up or down (like the vibration you get from driving over the shoulder of highway from the bump strips).
searched the forum here and found lots of things saying not to use mercon v. i dissconacted the tansmission cooler line drained 25L out and new Mercon Mobile one flued in (5L at a time)
no improvment.
now my thoughts....did i already damage somthing from using mercon v first change (drove around 200mile on mercon v)
i heard somthing about trany need some times to reprogram its self or learning!
do i have to change the filter? i didnt drop the pan?
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