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Hi All.
I am posting this for my step dad. We have a mysterious problem.

He has a 2002 F350 Diesel Auto.
The other day we were out hunting bison here in northern BC while it was
-40C and while we were cruising around the transmission overheated and started to puke ATF out of the bell housing.

I thought that the front seal on the tranny had let go. The tranny was working fine while leaking, hadn't slipped or done anything strange.

Anyways, we hitch hiked to the nearest truck stop to wait for a buddy to pick us up(all the while I was riding my stepdad like Seabiscut about his Fing Ford...I drive a Duramax). Anyways long story short we happend to run into a guy while waiting and he said his did the same thing once and never leaked again once it cooled off.

So the next day we returned armed with my truck, a big trailer(to haul her back, ATF, heaters and tarps. We got her fired up, filled it with Tranny fluid and drove it home, and it never leaked a drop. Works Flawlessly!!

I think what happened was the tranny cooler froze off/gelled and then the trans couldn't circulate the oil which caused the trans to overheat and there must be a pressure relief on the ford tranny which bleeds ATF?

Has anybody heard of this?
Could there have been any seal damages?
We put in about 5-6 L (1.5Gal) of ATF.
Thanks for your input.
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