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Transfer Case

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Looking for a MANUAL SHIFT transfer case. I currently have an EOFS and really would like to get rid of it. I have an '03 6.0 AT. Located in Colorado. Thanks.
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I have a manual T-case and everything you would need for a swap i think. The case is out of an 01 f-250 regular cab long box. Wiring, shifter, case. Boot/shift linkage is gone.
i can order you a brand new OEM transfer case
email with vin#
[email protected]
What's the 01 case go to? A 4r100? Or zf6?

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Barrack, how much? Hollister, get off my post.
Where are you at?
Good luck makin it fit!

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Oshkosh wi. if your not close, shipping probably wont be much
Making a transfer case fit?
I'm in CO. I need to do some more looking just to make sure the shafts, etc... are the same.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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