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2001 F-350 6.7 Crew cab SRW
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I am new to this Forum and I have been struggling with the repair of my Electronic Shift on the Fly system on my 2011 F-350. I am honestly just hoping to help out as many other people that may come across the issue I had as it was one of the most annoying things I have ever had to repair on my truck.
Sorry for how long this is about to be but I don't want someone else to have to struggle like I did.

-The problem-
When I rotated the 4wd knob from the 2H position to the 4H, the dash would say "Shift in progress pull forward" and remain there for a while until after a minute or so a wrench icon would appear and say check 4WD. The 4X4 light would never illuminate.

-The process-
I initially replaced the Transfer Case Motor, no change.
I replaced the Transfer Case Control Module (TCCM) (which is located where the front passengers feet would be way back in there), no change.
I downloaded "forscan" so I could read all codes and came up with C1728:00-48 and a bunch of others because I unplugged everything with the TCCM.
Could not come to any conclusions at this point.
I went online and went to or or something like that. Essentially a website that you can ask an expert a question and they try to help you out.
I Described the issue and was told to replace the TCCM and struggled back and forth with a few different people and eventually was emailed the Ford troubleshooting procedures and wiring diagrams. I could not have been happier when I got those.
However I followed all the instructions and didn't come up with a clear cut answer.

-The details and things I learned along the way-
The TCCM receives constant battery power from the Battery Junction Box (under the hood on the driver side) 30A fuse #84 (ESOF system) as well as 15A fuse #40 and 10A fuse #39 for the Constant Vacuum Hublock (CVH) Solenoid.
-The TCCM uses the power from Fuse #84 to be routed to the Transfer Case Motor to make it spin in one direction or the other depending on which internal relay becomes activated.
-The Transfer Case Motor has 2 connectors on it, 1 is for the Motor and the other is for the Encoder. The encoder is used to tell the TCCM what position the Transfer case is in whenever the motor moves it. The Motor connector has 2 pins (C350B) in it and the encoder has 6 pins (C350A). The motor receives voltage from the TCCM, polarity dependent on the direction needed to rotate. for example pin 1 gets a minimum of +9V and pin 2 gets a ground to rotate CW, and the opposite for CCW.
-While I was following the troubleshooting procedures I had received it stated to unplug the connector to the motor (C350B) and check for at least 9V on Pin 1 when commanding the motor to rotate CW (used forscan to activate the CW relay) and for 9V on pin 2 when commanding the motor to rotate CCW (also used forscan for CCW relay). Here is where I had the problem the voltage was not correct, I got 8.5V on pin 1 and 4.5V on pin 2 when rotating CW, and the opposite readings when rotating CCW. I should have got a minimum of 9V on one and much less on the other pin.
-The next step in the troubleshooting procedures told me to check the input voltage to the TCCM from connector (C2371B) pin 6, that's the wire that comes from Fuse #84 under the hood. and I did and the voltage was 12V. Needless to say the remainder of the procedures had me check grounds and then check operation of the ESOF system and it should be good. But clearly it wasn't.

-The Fix-
-What I should have checked was the voltage on the TCCM connector (C2371B) pin 6 coming from fuse #84 with a load applied, meaning that I should have had the multimeter backprobing that connector and then rotated the knob to 4H and checked the voltage. What I found is that the voltage immediately dropped from 12V to 4V, but once I moved it back to 2H it went back up to 12V. This told me that somewhere from the fuse to the TCCM there is either a break in the wire or something.
-What I did to test this hypothesis was cut the wire that plugged into the TCCM (pin 6 green/red) and ran a wire from the battery positive strait to the TCCM pin 6 and then rotated the knob to 4H and BOOM!!! i heard the motor rotate!!!
- Not going to lie, I played with it for a while just to hear that sweet sound again and again.

-The finish-
I could either have dug out the wiring harness behind the dash and found the one spot in the wire that was the culprit... yeah no way I was doing that...
Or I could just run my own wire to a known good location in the original wire to the TCCM, which is what I did. I found the Green/red wire entering the cab of the truck on the driver side by your feet. Had to cut back a bunch of tape and what not but I found it and cut it and ran the same test wire used previously instead of going from the battery I used the fuse box side of the green/red wire and it operated as it should.
This told me that the problem was between entering the cab and the TCCM.
-Ran my own wire, tucked it away and ziptied it up. Works like a charm.


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