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trans cooler install

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getting ready to install my true cool max cooler just have a few questions do these trucks have 2 coolers stock ive herd there's one in the rad and there's one up in front of the rad (which i know is there cause i can see it) now do u remove them from the circuit or run them booth inline with the new cooler some say u might have flow problems? also what temp would be advised to run the thermal bypass i live in eastern pa so the winters are usually mild might see 0 every now and then...thoughts ?
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I recently added a TruCool Max to my 1995 PSD. I removed the existing cooler that was mounted in front of the A/C condenser and extended those lines to the new cooler. I mounted the new cooler behind the stock front bumper. Pretty easy to do and it's working well. I don't have the bypass valve on mine, so I can't offer any insight there.

Here's the thread I posted:
That is what I did,just swapped them.
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