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Trans code P0713 help or suggestions

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I have a 2003 f350 6.0 this seems to be and intermittent problem. Last time the transmission temp sensor was changed was about 10 months ago and it was changed twice within the same week when it was replaced the first time. At the time we did change both trannie filters as well. I'm considering replacing the harness that connects to the TTS does anyone happen to have the part number for that.

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So I went and bought the transmission temp sensor and the wiring harness part number 4C3Z-7G276-AA. When I tool the valve body off to replace the wiring I see that the wiring doesnt match. On the original wire harness I have 14 connectors and on the replacement there are only 9. I called the dealership back to make sure this is the correct part number and they said that is the correct part number for replacement. The original part number is 3C3P-7G276-AA. Could anyone provide any information that would be helpful

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If I'm not mistaken, the 03's had some type of pressure sensors that were used. But were deleted in 04 hence the 4C Part Number. I just remember reading something about this when I was rebuilding the transmission in my 04. Mine just had some little black cap looking things in the valve body, they were beside the shift solenoids.
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Thanks for the input I just found the aluminum plugs to remove the pressure switch connectors and they are as you state like small caps. So the harness does work now after removing the pressure switches. Ran into another situation I broke one of the valve body bolts read the torque specs as 89 ft lbs when it was supposed to be 89 INCH LBS in the process of extracting the bolt and hoping for the best.

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Hi DgLeon, after replacing the internal harness, did it fix your problem for good?
Hi DgLeon, after replacing the internal harness, did it fix your problem for good?
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