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I know I'm new here, but I wanted to share a bit of my experience with these two devices.
First is the ELM32 OBDII Adapter. This little gem passes the OBDII signals through a bluetooth connection. So it wirelessly streams OBDII info to a device that can read it. It costs about $12 shipped on eBay and other various websites and is easy to find via google. You can even find them on Craigslist used.. Since there are no moving parts they probably don't burn out. My only concern is the connection stays open on the device at all times.. I believe this is true even when the truck is turned off. I will confirm this suspicion today. If that's the case then it's not a big deal to simply unplug it when you're done.. It's small and fits anywhere, so just pull it and slap it into a cupholder or something and you should be good to go.

Next on the list is the Torque app. It's $5.00 on the google play store (doesn't exist for Apple people)
This app allows for connecting to a BlueTooth OBDII adapter (like the aforementioned one). This app appears to be amazing in what kind of info it can provide. Basically, if there's a sensor for it in your truck it will provide you the info, and .. if there isn't an available gauge for that sensor you can make one (provided you know the PID information of the sensor)..
It does datalogging and allows you to watch as many gauges as you'd like. It also has multiple pages available, just swipe as you would on your android home page. I, personally, plan to buy a cheap $80.00 or less tablet a have that as a permanent device that sits in the truck and sync's to the OBDII adapter. To me, this thing is limitless. The next thing would be to see if you can actually open your ECU and reprogram it with new info.

So, as an example the 3000gt guys have a program called "Chrome" that allows us to edit our ECU's params. I put larger injectors in my car and just went in there, did a hex conversion of 550 and viola my car was running as if it came with 550cc injectors vs the stock 360cc injectors. All of the other info in the ECU was still working as normal. The beauty of this kind of functionality is that your Piggyback system isn't fighting the ECU settings. (ECU timing is generally very complicated and makes turbo tuning a lot more difficult).. Now you have no piggyback tuner.. Your tuner IS your ecu..

Maybe we can get some super smart folks looking into this option for us..

Sorry for the side rant..

Here's a photo of my truck at idle after 20 - 30 minutes of driving (city)


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