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Looking for suggestions/recommendations on tires/wheels/lift/brush guard/skid plate etc I'll need to transform my 2002 7.3L CC 4x4 dually into an effective off road work truck, primarily for small time logging/farming.

From another thread:
The best tire recommendation for you depends upon what you do with your truck. Do you haul or tow heavy? What type of conditions are you in (snow, mud, rock, all highway)? And what type of tire look do you want? Tall and skinny, short and wide, +2 over factory?
Plan on hauling/towing moderately heavy, mainly logs, some rock and gravel. Conditions will be mainly Mississippi mud, clay, forest and back roads, little highway high speed. I see the need to be able to climb over small trees, thru small depressions. Thus I'm thinking several inches of lift, a brush guard, skid plate and bigger than stock tires.

Note - I'm not concerned about "pretty" or chrome. This is to get the job done.

Since my "off road" work will primarily be during cooler weather (September thru April) I'm thinking I might keep a set of road tires for the summer and put the work tires on for fall/winter/spring.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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